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A warm welcome to the 71st episode of the Graduate Job Podcast, the UKs most popular careers and jobs podcast. The sun might be shining in London, but it’s no excuse not to be thinking about getting a graduate job. And this week as always we have an amazing guest who can help you find that job of your dreams. Coming on the show for the second time, a true careers expert who you will have seen on the news, in the papers, on the book shelves, and back on the show, yes Corinne Mills author of many brilliant careers books, including her new book ‘Career Coach: How to plan your career and land your perfect job’. In this episode we delve into Corinne’s new book, exploring some of my favourite chapters which I know will help you as search for a graduate job. Amongst other things we cover top career blockers that might be holding you back and how to overcome them, such as concerns about not having the right skills or qualifications, not having the confidence, or worries about standing out. We discuss about making tough decisions in your graduate jobsearch, because at some point you’re going to have to make some, we cover the best ways to research companies, we delve into the topic and importance of values, and we also touch upon how drawing a picture of your world can help you find a graduate job, yep, you heard me right. It’s a wide ranging interview and we cover a load of different topics and I know you will enjoy it just as much as I did. As always all links, and a full transcript can be found in the shownotes at  From there you will also find links to all of the other 70 episodes which cover every aspect of getting a graduate job, from help with interviews, assessment centres, to specific companies, to finding a job you love. Check them out and you won’t go far wrong. 

One question that did come up over the last 2 weeks from Tom was on the best to subscribe to the show. Well Tom, check out which links to how to subscribe on Itunes, Spotify, Youtube, and by email. So something for everyone there.

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  • Some of the common career blockers holding people back from their dream graduate job, such as;
    • How to get over your fear of failure
    • How to get over your fear of not standing out when you apply for a graduate job
    • How to get over your fear of not having the confidence
    • How to get over the blocker of not having the skills or qualifications
  • How drawing a picture of your world can help you find your dream graduate job
  • Why as graduate you need to be thinking about your values, and to link these to the companies you should be applying to
  • How to make tough decisions in your jobsearch
  • Why you need to go all in with your applications to companies, and not hold back
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