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A big hello, to a very special episode, a milestone which has been 2051 days in the making, welcome to episode 100 of the graduate job podcast! It’s taken me longer than I would have thought to get here, and I wasn’t sure if I would at some points, but here we are. Today I will explore some the key things I have learnt over the course of these nearly 6 years and 100 episodes, and how you can put that knowledge to use in your search for a graduate job. I will cover the importance of taking the leap and starting, and how that first step is the most important. I touch upon imposter syndrome, and why it’s something that everyone has and how it doesn’t go away. I talk about how people will always help if you ask them, and why when the going gets tough you need to stick with it. Crucially I talk about why you should always look to learn from the knowledge and mistakes of others, and why it is important to follow your passions. No matter where you are on your job search, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. As always a full transcript which you can handily download and all the links from today can be found in the show notes at


  • Why starting can be so difficult, but why it is so important
  • What imposter syndrome is and why it is more prevalent than you think
  • Why you need to be asking people for help as you look for a graduate job
  • How perseverance and staying the course will be so vital as you look for a job
  • Why smart job seekers look to utilise the knowledge of other people
  • The importance of having a passion that gets you out of bed in the morning
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