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Hello and welcome to the 126th episode of the UK’s number 1 career podcast, and I’ve got a very special episode for you today. Joining me back on the show by popular demand is serial entrepreneur and author Michael Tefula, who discusses his book Graduate Entrepreneurship: How to Start Your Business After University. In the show today we discuss why university or just after is such a great time to start a business, and we also bust some of the key myths that might be holding you back from taking the plunge. We cover why it might cost you less than you think to start a business, why it’s not about having a great idea, but why you should instead focus on solving people’s problems. Finally, we delve into why graduate schemes will be so interested in any companies you do launch, and how to make the most of those transferrable skills in graduate interviews. No matter what companies you are applying to, and even if you’ve never thought of starting your own business, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. Now the only link you need to remember from today is where you can find a full transcript, and links to everything which we discuss, that’s



  • Why you should think about starting your own business after university
  • The myths that might be holding you back from becoming an entrepreneur
  • Why it won’t cost you as much as you think to start your own company
  • How companies WANT to hear about your ‘side hustle’ when you apply for a graduate job
  • The one thing you MUST think about when you start a company,



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