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Welcome to the 22nd episode of the Graduate Job Podcast.


With summer just around the corner, this week we have a special episode dedicated to some of the most fun and most exciting jobs you can do over the summer months. I speak with Oxfam Festival Stewards, Stoke Travel, and Xplore Activity Camps, who each share some amazing opportunities you can do whilst the sun is shining. Apart from being brilliant fun, you will also raise money for charity whilst seeing the best bands in the world, take part in the craziest festivals in Europe, and help educate kids from around the worlds, all the while adding exciting content to your CV. So if your exams have just finished and you’re looking for inspiration, or you’re bored with your part time job and want a summer to remember then this episode is for you. As a reminder, links to everything we discuss can be found on the website at 

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