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In episode 42 of the Graduate Job Podcast, I am joined by Andras Baneth, a former EU official, founder of, and the author of The Ultimate EU Test Book, as we explore how to pass the EPSO test, and work for the institutions and agencies of the European Union. We delve into the intricacies of the EPSO or European Personnel Selection Office test to give it its full title. This testing process stands between you and a job in the institutions of the EU, such as The European Parliament, The European Council, The European Commission to name but a few. We explore all aspects of the EPSO test, from how to apply, to how to ensure that you are fully prepared for the rigorous application process. We take you through the psychometric testing, the EPSO assessment centre, what you can expect in the case study, through to the new intermediate test phase. No matter where you live in the world, this episode is for you, as we explore the EUs internship scheme which is open to applicants from around the world.  As always, all links to everything we discuss and a full transcript are available in the show notes at Before we start many thanks to those of you who have completed the survey over at, your feedback helps me to create the episodes you want to hear. I’ve times it and it takes less than 90 seconds to do, so please do get on over to and help me out. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.  

As you’ll hear in the show, passing the ESPO tests requires a lot of practice and hard work, so I’m pleased to say Andras has offered you my amazing listeners a very special 15% discount on his excellent website at, where you can practice super realistic EPSO style tests, track your progress and make sure you’re ready for the real exams. Simply enter the code EUJOB2016 on the checkout page, that’s EUJOB2016, to get 15% off. See the show notes at for more information. Right, let’s crack on with the show.


  • All aspects of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) test
  • How to successfully pass the pre-selection EPSO tests
  • Why you need to be at the top of your game when it comes to psychometric testing
  • The secrets of the EPSO assessment centre
  • What you can expect from the ESPO case study
  • How to pass the EPSO intermediate test
  • How you can apply for an internship with the EU, no matter where you live
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