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In episode 45 of the Graduate Job Podcast, I am joined by innovative blogger Raghav Haran, as we discuss how to land any job you want, even if you’re not qualified. In this half hour Raghav shatters some of the conventional myths about what you need to do to get a job as we explore what companies really want from their candidates, the more effective option for getting than a job than sending hundreds of speculative CVs, and how creating a pre-interview project can be the secret to getting you your dream job.  No matter where you are on your job search, this is an episode you will not want to miss. As always, all links to everything we discuss and a full transcript are available in the show notes at  Before we start a quick request from me, your feedback helps me to create the episodes you want to hear, so I’ve set up a super simple and very quick survey, as I want the show to best serve your needs. It’s got 5 questions and will take you a minute, so please check it out at . I look forward to hearing your thoughts. But in the meantime, let’s crack on with the show.


  • How to get any job, even if you’re not qualified
  • What companies REALLY want from their candidates
  • Why sending speculative CVs is a waste of time
  • The importance of speaking to people doing the job you want to do
  • Why you need to do a pre-interview project to stand out
  • The dangers of putting a particular job on a pedestal
  • Why you shouldn’t be scared of closing down your job options
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