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In episode 46 of the Graduate Job Podcast, I am joined by award winning fashion blogger and social media manager Tamara McCleary, who shares her inspirational story of how she landed her dream job with the help of her fashion blog. In this half hour Tamara details the background to her fashion blog Bonafide Supernova, how it has grown, top tips for starting your own blog, and how it led to her current job as a social media manager. It’s an inspiring story, and no matter where you are on your job search, this is an episode you will not want to miss. As always, all links to everything we discuss and a full transcript are available in the show notes at  Before we start a quick request from me, your feedback helps me to create the episodes you want to hear, so I’ve set up a super simple and very quick survey, as I want the show to best serve your needs. It’s got 5 questions and will take you just a minute, so if the podcast is helping you, please show your appreciation and check it out at . I look forward to hearing your thoughts. But in the meantime, let’s crack on with the show.


  • Top tips to starting your own blog
  • The importance of choosing a blog topic you are passionate about
  • Why experience trumps everything when it comes to your jobsearch
  • How to create content so that recruiters come to you
  • Why you should think about partnering with someone to kickstart your blog
  • The importance of networking and promoting your blog
  • Why it’s not a question of quitting, but about stepping up your game
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