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In episode 54 of the Graduate Job Podcast I am joined by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Managing Partner at global consulting giant, Infosys, as he shares his insights and tips into how to start your career as a management consultant. As head of campus recruitment for Infosys, Jeff is able to share brilliant advice on all aspects of the management consulting recruitment process. We cover the skills needed to excel in consulting, how to make the most of a management consultancy recruitment event, and how to make that all important good first impression. We also delve deep into the dreaded consulting case study, examining what they are, the different types of structured and unstructured case study questions that you might face, through to Jeff’s brilliant advice on how to answer them with ease every time. No matter where you are in your jobsearch, and no matter what companies you are applying to, this is an episode which you are not going to want to miss. As always, all links to everything we discuss and a full transcript are available in the show notes at Right, lets head straight over to my chat with Jeff.


  • The skills needed to excel in management consulting
  • The importance of goal setting in getting a job as a consultant
  • How to make the most of a management consultancy recruitment event
  • How to make a good first impression at consulting job interview
  • The secrets of acing a consulting case study
  • The types of case study questions you will face and how to answer them
  • What to expect from a partner interview
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