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In episode 55 of the Graduate Job Podcast I am re-joined by one of my most popular guests, Steve Rook, as we discuss his new book Work Experience, Placements and Internships. In this episode Steve shares his brilliant  insights and tips into how to go about getting that ever so important work experience. We discuss the difference between work experience, internships and placements, why you really need to try and get them, and the real reason why they will set you apart in your jobsearch. We cover the thorny topic of unpaid, versus paid work experience, we explore just why sandwich placements make such a difference to your career prospects and why you should think about going abroad to get work experience, and how it might be cheaper than you think. Once you got some work experience we then look into how to hit the ground running and make it success. In short, if you’ve ever thought about trying to get work experience or an internship, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. As always, all links to everything we discuss and a full transcript are available in the show notes at Right, let’s head straight over to my chat with Steve.


  • The difference between work experience, work placements and internships
  • Why you NEED to get work experience
  • The REAL reason work experience will set you apart
  • How it is NEVER too late to get work experience
  • Why sandwich placements are the gold standard of work experience
  • Why you should think about doing your work experience, internship or placement abroad
  • How to hit the ground running in your work experience, internship or placement
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