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In this 69th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast I continue in my quest to bring you the best and most interesting people to speak to about getting a graduate job, as once again I’ve gone transatlantic and am this week speaking to Dr Colby Jubenville over in the USA. In this episode we delve into finding fulfillment at work, examining questions such as why you should look for gainful employment and not just employment, and why you need to find your ‘voice’ in what you do. We also cover why your 20’s in the most important decade of your life, and how conducting a personal assessment is so important to your long-term career success. Amongst other topics we also touch on why you should be thinking about personal change and not personal development, and how natural curiosity can turbo-charge your job search. No matter what type of graduate job you are looking for, and no matter where you are on your job search, you will find nuggets of wisdom in my interview with Colby. Don’t forget, as always, all links to everything we discuss including a full transcript and book recommendations and web links can be found over in the show notes at 


  • The difference between employment and gainful employment
  • Exactly why it is so important to conduct a personal assessment
  • Why your 20’s are the most important decade of your life
  • How harnessing your natural curiosity will turbo charge your job search
  • Why you should try and get paid for your value and not your time
  • Why people don’t need personal development, they need personal change
  • How finding gainful employment is one of the biggest challenges that you will face
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