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Hello and welcome to the 73rd episode of the Graduate Job Podcast. In this episode I speak with Paul Murphy, author of the brilliant new book 1000 Years of Career Advice, which details the careers journeys and advice of 100 graduates 10 years after graduation. In this episode we delve into the book in detail exploring some of the cumulative wisdom from the collective 1000 years of career advice. We explore some of the different career journeys that people have taken in those 10 years since leaving university, and look at the advice they give students who are just about to graduate. We cover the pros and cons of graduate schemes, why you shouldn’t stay in your first graduate job too long, and why travel and working abroad should definitely be on your agenda as a recent graduate. We touch upon the power of work experience, and why you really shouldn’t worry as you start out on your career. No matter where you are your jobsearch, just about to graduate or already searching for your first graduate job, this episode is packed full of brilliant advice and is one you definitely aren’t going to want to miss.

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  • The top careers advices from 100 graduates 10 years after they graduated
  • Why you might end up using in your graduate job, less of the things you learnt in your university degree than you think
  • Why working abroad could be the best thing you could do for your career
  • The pros and cons of whether a graduate scheme is the best option for you
  • The power of work experience and why it might lead you into areas of work you hadn’t originally thought of
  • How non-linear most careers are, and why you shouldn’t worry if you think yours is taking a slight detour
  • Why you should be taking risks with your career in your 20’s!
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