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Hello and welcome to the 77th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast, and boy do we have a cracker for you today. Now I’ve covered lots of episodes looking at how to get a graduate job, but today’s episode is slightly different, firstly in that it is part 1 of a 2 part series focussing on the exciting graduate opportunities available with global confectionary and food giant Mars. It’s also different in that in this first episode we aren’t focussing on how to get a graduate job with Mars, but instead are looking at what you can expect as a graduate on the Mars Leadership Experience graduate scheme. I’m joined by Fabio Ailings, who started as a graduate on the Mars Leadership Experience programme, and he shares his experiences and journey in progressing from a fresh-faced graduate through to his current role as Global Director for one of their biggest pet care brands. Fabio shares his experiences of 10 years at Mars, from going through the application process for the graduate scheme, to the steep learning curve he faced as a new graduate. You’ll discover what it’s really like to work at a global giant like Mars, and gain a taster for some of the roles you could expect to be doing. Fabio also shares his insider secrets for applying for Mars, and also reveals the two characteristics that will help you be successful on the Mars Graduate scheme. No matter if you have thought of applying for Mars or not, this is an episode which you aren’t going to want to miss. As I mentioned this is just the first part in my 2 part special with Mars, and once this has wetted your appetite for a career with Mars, stay tuned for next week for my interview with Andrew Sharp, European Head of Early Talent at Mars, who shares everything you need to know to apply for a graduate job with them, from the initial application to standing out in an assessment centre. A couple of cracking episodes if I do say so myself.  Now don’t worry about trying to remember everything you hear today, as a full transcript of today’s show and all the links we discuss can be found over in the show notes at From there you will also find links to all of the other 76 episodes of the show which cover every aspect of getting a graduate job, from help with interviews, assessment centres, to specific companies, to finding a job you love, to dealing with stress as you look for a graduate job. If it’s graduate job related, I have an episode on it. And If I haven’t got an episode on a subject, let me know and I will do done.

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  • The graduate opportunities available at Mars
  • What it is like to join the Mars Leadership Experience graduate scheme
  • Why you should expect a steep learning curve as a new graduate at Mars
  • Discover the two characteristics that will help you be successful on the Mars Graduate scheme
  • Learn the insider secrets for applying to the Mars graduate scheme
  • What it is like to spend 10 years at Mars – journeying from new graduate to global director
  • Why you can expect constant development on the Mars Leadership Experience graduate scheme
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