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Welcome to the 95th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast. Over the coming weeks students would normally be graduating and heading out into the world to start looking for a graduate job. This transition period from university to work is a stressful enough time, not helped often by the extra pressure placed on recent graduates from parents. Which is why this episode is dedicated to parents and how they can help their recently graduated kids find a graduate job. Get them to download it, download it for them if you have to, but try and get them to listen to it. In today's episode, I explore 8 key things that your parents need to do to help you as you try and get a graduate job. I cover why worrying and panic is not going to do anyone any good, and why your parents might be out of touch with the modern world of work and recruitment. We delve into why they should be thinking about your needs and not theirs, and why getting their chequebook out to fund a masters isn’t the answer. We look at what they can do to help, why they should think about dropping me an email, how they can utilise their network, and why their mindset matter. No matter where you are on your job search for a graduate job, just graduating or already applying, this is an episode you need to listen to. Links today and a full transcript can be found in the show notes at

Before we start let me tell you about the brilliant course I’m working on cunningly titled “How to get a graduate job”. This course is packed chock full of decades of experience into one step by step guide of everything you need to do to get a graduate job. There are videos, guides, handouts, cheat sheets, example CVs, example covering letters, example answers to those annoying 200-word competency questions, help with telephone interviews, video interviews. Look if you need to know it to get a graduate job it’s in my course. The course is going live in August, but to be the first to hear about it and get it at a never to be repeated price with special bonuses, head to and leave me your email. Right, on with the show.

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