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In episode 56 of the Graduate Job Podcast I am joined by former Royal Marine Craig Williams, as we discuss what you need to do get into the Royal Marines. Craig shares nuggets of wisdom gained on the ground from his 15 years with one of the UKs elite fighting units as we discuss how you too can earn a green beret and get into the Royal Marines. We cover top tips including the number 1 characteristic that will help you succeed as a Royal Marine, the different entry routes and why even if you have a degree you shouldn’t automatically join as an officer. We cover the mindset needed to see you through the legendary 32 weeks basic training, and the physical challenges and tests you will face along the way to getting there.  Now don’t worry if the armed forces isn’t you thing, as Craig also reveals insights into the key secret that might be holding you back from the job of your dreams, no matter what area you are applying to. No matter where you are on your jobsearch, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. As always, all links to everything we discuss and a full transcript are available in the show notes at Right, let’s head straight over to my chat with Craig.


  • The secrets behind the Potential Officers Course
  • How ‘confidence’ is the one muscle you need to build to get you through the training
  • Why women shouldn’t be put off from joining the Royal Marines
  • The biggest hurdle that holds people back from applying to the Royal Marines
  • What to expect at the Naval Service Recruiting Test
  • What to expect in your formal interview
  • How to increase your chances of being part of the 0.01% of people who actually get into the Royal Marines
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