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Hello and a warm welcome to episode 106 of the UK's number 1 career podcast. It’s the beginning of the application process for graduate schemes, internships, vacation schemes and training contracts, and I have a beauty for you today. No matter who you apply to, for whatever type of scheme, you are going to have to do an online test, and increasingly, that test is going to take the form of a games-based assessment, and that is what we explore today, as I speak to Al Frater from Arctic Shores who are the leading provider of games based assessments, and who designed the PWC Career Unlocked games-based test. We will go into what games-based assessments are and why they are being used by graduate schemes. We will cover what you can expect in a games-based test and the types of games you can expect. We delve into how you can impress in them, and top tips for standing out from the crowd. We also explode some myths about games-based assessments cover why you shouldn’t believe everything that you read online. As always, it’s an episode which you aren’t going to want to miss. And today you can find a full transcript including all of the links in the show notes at


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  • What games-based assessments are
  • Why they are now being used by graduate schemes
  • What you can expect when you take a games-based test
  • Top tips for impressing in a games-based assessment
  • Whether gamers stand a better chance in the tests than non-gamers
  • Why you shouldn’t believe everything you read online about games-based tests
  • Why you don’t have to be perfect to pass a games-based test
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