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For the 128th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast, I speak with a leading low-cost airline Wizz Air, as they discuss their graduate and non-graduate job opportunities. If you are interested in a graduate job where you aren’t going to be spending all day sat behind a desk on a computer, then this is the episode for you, as today I am very excited to have leading low-cost airline Wizz Air join me on the show. In the episode we discuss their rapid expansion plans and the different opportunities that they have available, from cabin crew through to the pilots at the front of the plane. We delve into all aspects of the application process, from the type of candidates they are looking for, the particular skills and competencies that you need to be brushing up on, and brilliantly, how for some of the roles you can hired in a day. Yes, you heard that right, a one day selection process. If you have ever thought about a career with an airline then this is the episode for you. Now the links to the show notes today including a full transcript you can download and links to everything we discuss can be found at


  • The exciting job opportunities at Wizz Air
  • Wizz Air’s expansion plans for the coming year
  • How you can secure a job within a day!
  • What Wizz Air look for from their candidates and how you can stand out from the crowd
  • The key difference separating the candidates that pass, from those that fail

Insider secrets of how you can impress on the day and bag the job

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