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Welcome to episode 108 of the UK’s number 1 career podcast. And today we go transatlantic again in the search for the best job search advice on the planet, as I speak with bestselling author Lauren Herring, author of the new book ‘Take Control of Your Job Search!: 10 Emotions You Must Master to Land the Job’. In today’s episode we focus on that topic of emotions, those pesky things that left unchecked can hold you back and get in the way of you getting that dream graduate job. We explore fear, how it shows up, how to conquer it, and why you should think about the worst thing that could possibly happen. We discuss rejection, why it is part and parcel of looking for a graduate job, and why you shouldn’t take it personally. We delve into the topic of frustration and how you can overcome it, and also the issue of confidence and why you need to unleash your inner rock star. And we also explore why it is absolutely crucial to have self-compassion as you look for a graduate job, and why if you wouldn’t say it to a friend, you shouldn’t say it to yourself. It’s a thought-provoking episode, and as usual, you can find a full transcript and links to everything we discuss in the show notes at

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  • The emotions you need to keep an eye on so they don’t derail your job search
  • How to conquer fear as you look for a graduate job
  • Why rejection is a part of the job search process and you should embrace it
  • How to deal with the frustration of trying to get on a graduate scheme
  • Why confidence is key, and you should embrace your inner rock star
  • The importance of self-compassion, and if you wouldn’t say it to a friend, you shouldn’t say it to yourself
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