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Episode 52 of the Graduate Job Podcast, is part of 1 of a 2 part retrospective where I include some of my favourite short clips from my previous 50 episodes. Every episode is of course a winner and packed full of great insights to help you get your dream job, but in these 2 specials, I wanted to pick out some short clips which I enjoy that you might not have come across before. We explore the importance of values with Jane Sunley and David Shindler, the criticality of having a ‘Why’ with motivational speaker Brad Burton, while Jennifer Holloway touches upon why it is crucial to be true to yourself in your job search. Career coaches John Lees and Richard Maun meanwhile share brilliant insights into how to network and have great conversations, which are going to turbo charge your job hunt. Karen Kelsky shares her thoughts on why getting a job can be like dating, before Simon Reichwald explores how you can differentiate yourself to ensure that you stand out in your job applications. No matter where you are in your jobsearch, this is an episode which you are not going to want to miss. As always, all links to everything we discuss and a full transcript are available in the show notes at   Right, lets get straight to the good stuff, and part 1 of my greatest hits.


  • Why you need think to think about the importance of your values BEFORE you start applying for work
  • The ONE question to ask which is guaranteed to help you on your jobsearch
  • Why getting a job is like dating
  • How thinking about your personal brand can set you apart from all other candidates
  • Why a 2:1 wont set you apart, and why differentiating yourself is so important to finding a graduate job
  • The importance of having a ‘why’ that keeps you going as you look for work
  • Why being yourself is crucial to finding a job which will make you happy in the long run
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