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For episode 122 of the Graduate Job Podcast I have a brilliant episode for you that is going to open your eyes to the graduate opportunities that are available to you with start-ups, as I am joined on the show by Kabir Bali co-founder of Jumpstart. Jumpstart has set up an innovative graduate scheme where you can apply to start-up firms with venture capital funding who are looking for great graduates, and as well as finding amazing roles with Jumpstart you also get the graduate scheme experience of a month of training and development, and also the social side of joining with a cohort of other people. And in today’s episode, we delve into Jumpstart more generally and how you can apply. We go through the types of start-up firms that they work with, what they look for in candidates and how you can stand out at each stage of the process. We discuss how you can improve your CV, why you need to show not tell with it, and why you should definitely talk about any side hustles or university societies that you’ve been a part of. We also cover why you can expect at least £25k in each role, and normally some equity to boot as well. It’s an informative episode and no matter the type of graduate job you have thought about applying to, from start-ups to global giants, it’s an episode that you arent going to want to miss. As always you can find a full transcript including all of the show notes and links to everything, we discuss at


  • Who Jumpstart are and how you can apply
  • The training and development you can expect with the Jumpstart programme
  • How the application process works
  • What they look for in candidates
  • Why you need to show not tell with your CV
  • How to impress in your interviews with start-ups
  • Why talking about your side hustles is so important when you apply
  • Why you can expect at least a salary of £25k and normally equity as well


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