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This week I speak with Richard Maun, business coach, author of the excellent Job Hunting 3.0 and visiting lecturer on career matters and communication skills. Together we explore Richard’s 3 job hunting secrets. Implement these and you will be well on the way to bagging that amazing job.

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In this second episode I speak with career expert, Denise Taylor as we explore the topic of assessment centres. Denise is an award winning career coach, best-selling author, and chartered psychologist, and she shares her experience of how to impress at all aspects of an assessment centre, from the group exercises, through to presentations and face to face interviews. Having designed and run hundreds of assessment centres over the last 20 years Denise is able to share amazing tips that will help you to ensure that you will impress on the big day.

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In this first episode I speak with author and career coach Jon Gregory as we focus on the topic of interviews. We explore how to ace telephone interviews through to tips for having amazing face to face interviews, and everything else in between. 

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