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In episode 17 of the Graduate Job Podcast I speak with independent LinkedIn trainer Mark Williams, as we cover the topic of how to use LinkedIn in your job search. Mark is a LinkedIn expert and trainer, and host of the podcast LinkedInformed, and he reveals 4 tips which will maximise your profile and accelerate your job search. If you have been thinking about creating a LinkedIn profile, or need to spruce up an existing one, then this episode is for you.  

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In episode 16 of the Graduate Job Podcast I speak with career coach and best-selling author John Lees, as we cover the topic of how to get a job you love. John shares his expert advice on the steps you need to take to find a job and career which will excite you. He reveals the key to networking and insightful questions which you need to ask to ensure that you end up in a job you will love. If you are a current student, or recently graduated but in a job you aren’t happy with, this is the episode for you. 

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In episode 15 of the Graduate Job Podcast I speak with bestselling travel author and gap year expert Susan Griffith, as we cover the topic of how to have a CV enhancing gap year. Susan shares her decades of experience in how to work your way around the world, sharing how to plan and execute an amazing gap year or two. She provides great insight into beginning to plan the gap year, and the best ways to volunteer, teach English and work around the globe. If you’re looking for travel inspiration after your finals, or need excitement and a break from a job that’s not going anywhere, then this episode is for you. 

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