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Hello and welcome to the 75th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast. The heatwave is continuing here in London and the summer is proving a cracker! This warm weather does make it difficult to knuckle down and do some work, so I hope your job preparation hasn’t been too badly impacted. Don’t worry if it has been, tomorrow is another day, and you can crack on from there. So enough of the waffle, lets’ crack straight into today’s episode, which is a certifiable cracker. Today I’m joined by qualified solicitor and the author of the excellent new book, "The Complete Guide to Getting a Solicitor's Training Contract", the multi-talented Sarah Cave. Now, if you’re not interested in a career in law don’t turn this off, as the episode is packed to the rafters full of amazing tips, hints and all round great advice that will apply no matter what sector or jobs you’re applying for. Getting a training contract as we discuss in the show is super competitive with tens of thousands of candidates vying for thousands of spaces and Sarah takes us through everything you need to know to bag yourself that training contract. We cover Sarah’s insider secrets on exactly what you need to put on your application to get past the initial stage. We look at the do’s and don’ts of applying for a training contract, and what you need to watch out for to make sure your application doesn’t end up in the bin, and as part of this why you need to apply sooner rather than later when trying to get a training contract. We cover some of the classic interview questions you will face and exactly how you need to answer them, and Sarah shares great insights into exactly how you can demonstrate commercial awareness in your application. We cover all stages of the application process, from the video interview through to the assessment centre and how to impress, and what to expect from the dreaded partner interview when you apply for a training contract. Phew, it’s a packed episode and whether you are interested in a law firm or not, this is an episode which you aren’t going to want to miss.

As always all links, and a full transcript can be found in the shownotes at  From there you will also find links to all of the other 74 episodes which cover every aspect of getting a graduate job, from help with interviews, assessment centres, to specific companies, to finding a job you love. Check them out and you won’t go far wrong. 

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  • Just how competitive it is to get a training contract and why you need to put effort into your application
  • Why the research phase is so important as you apply for a training contract
  • The insider secrets of what you need to do to get a training contract
  • The language to use to ensure success on your application
  • What to expect throughout the application process for a training contract
  • How to stand out in the assessment centre for a graduate job with a law firm
  • How to impress in the dreaded partner interview
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