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For episode 121 of the Graduate Job Podcast I have a cracker for you that is going to completely change the way you send emails, as I am joined by business communications expert and best-selling author Kim Arnold who takes us through what you should, and more importantly what you should not be doing when you send job-related emails. In today’s episode, we discuss the secrets to writing emails when applying for graduate jobs, and go through the hints and tips which will help you stand out from the crowd. We explore speculative emails for jobs, why most of them are so bad, and what you can do to make sure that the recruiter will sit up and pay attention to yours. We delve into why you need to stop thinking about what you want and instead focus on what the recruiter is going to care about when you send your email, and how thinking about a hamburger can help you do this…. yes, a hamburger. We explore that tricky topic of chasing recruiters for feedback, how to do it effectively, and crucially how long to wait so that you aren’t coming across like a stalker. And Kim also shares how humour could be your secret weapon in getting a response as you look for a graduate job. It’s a fun episode and no matter what job you are applying for, you are going to be sending emails, so it’s not an episode that you will want to miss. As always you can find a full transcript including all of the show notes and links to everything we discuss at


  • The secrets to writing emails when applying for graduate jobs
  • Email tips that will make you stand out from the crowd
  • How to write a speculative job email that will get results
  • Why most speculative emails for jobs don’t work
  • How thinking about a hamburger will help you get a graduate job
  • Why a good email is all about the company, and not you
  • How to effectively chase a recruiter for feedback on an interview
  • How long to wait before chasing a recruiter?
  • Why humour is so powerful when you are emailing recruiters


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