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In episode 67 of the Graduate Job Podcast I am joined by Craig Pemblington from the brilliant Charityworks graduate scheme. This episode came about from a listener request, TJ got in touch via email and asked about the best way to get a graduate job with a charity, well, as you will hear the answer to that question is the excellent Charityworks. In this episode we explore the Charityworks graduate scheme in detail, looking at what exactly it is and the types of charities that you could be working with. We delve into how you apply, the different stages of the application process, from initial application, through to the online tests they use, interviews and assessment centres. We cover what you need to do to impress at each stage and make sure you stand out from the crowd. We go into the charity matching process and how they match you with the charity that you will be working with, and we also cover the amazing alumni opportunities open to you as you progress with your career in the third sector. If you have ever thought about working with a charity, voluntary or community group, non-governmental, or non-profit organizational then this is the episode for you. As always, all links to everything we discuss including a full transcript and Craig’s book recommendations and top tips can be found over in the show notes at  

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  • What Charityworks is and why you should apply
  • Top tips in how to stand out in your application for a graduate job with Charityworks
  • What Charityworks look for in their applicants
  • The secrets to impressing in a Charityworks assessment centre
  • What to do to make your online application stand out from the crowd
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