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Hello and welcome to the 79th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast, and I’ve got a cracker for you today. Ever thought about a few different jobs and wondered what it would be like to try them out? Well my guest today did just that and then some. I’m joined by Emma Rosen, author of the new book ‘The Radical Sabbatical’, where she describes how she quit her dream job with the civil service fast stream to embark on an adventure to try 25 different jobs by the age 25. It’s an inspiring episode on many levels. In it Emma shares the emotions of getting the job of her dreams on the civil service fast stream and the inner turmoil she went through as she quit not long after, when she realised it wasn’t for her. She explores the background to embarking on 25 different jobs by the age of the 25 and how she went about getting those all important work placements. She shares brilliant insights into the mind-set, skills and approach needed to get work experience with any company, and why you shouldn’t be put off by thinking that it is a competitive industry that you are applying to. She also reveals her insider secrets of exactly what you need to do when you approach a company so that you get that vital yes to work experience. No matter where you are on your job search or if you haven’t thought about getting work experience or trying a work placement, this is an episode you aren’t going to want to miss. Now don’t worry about trying to remember everything you hear today, as a full transcript of today’s show and all the links we discuss can be found over in the show notes at From there you will also find links to all of the other 78 episodes of the show which cover every aspect of getting a graduate job, from help with interviews, assessment centres, to specific companies, to finding a job you love, to dealing with stress as you look for a graduate job. If it’s graduate job related, I have an episode on it. And If I haven’t got an episode on a subject, let me know and I will record one.

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  • How Emma managed to pack in 25 work placements by the age 25
  • Emma’s brilliant method of contacting and approaching companies that proved so successful in getting her work experience placements
  • How to utilise work placements to shape and steer your career
  • Why the fact that an industry is competitive should spur you on and not scare you off
  • Why perseverance is so important when you are trying to get work experience
  • How working on an alpaca farm changed Emma’s views about what she wants from a career
  • How to impress and make the most of work placements
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