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For the 123rd episode of the Graduate Job Podcast, I speak with a listener of the show Daniel, as he shares he secured his dream graduate job in finance with an international IT services company. Daniel signed up for the How to Get a Graduate Job course back in September last year, and we discuss how following the steps in the course led him to graduate job success.  In the episode Daniel shares his experience of going through the application process for a range of different finance, business and accounting firms, sharing his insights into what he learned from the CV application stage, completing dozens of different psychometric tests, and his tips and tricks for passing the recorded video interview stage. We also deep dive into the assessment centre stage, as Daniel shares his insights into how you can impress at this final hurdle. As I said, it’s an inspiring episode, and if Daniel can do it, you can do it too, so strap yourself in and listen to our chat today. Now the links to the show notes today including a full transcript you can download and links to everything we discuss can be found at



  • How Daniel secured a graduate job in finance with a top international IT services company
  • Daniel’s top tips for impressing in the recorded video interviews
  • How to make sure your work experience stands out from the crowd
  • How to cope with the stress of an assessment centre
  • Why Daniel joined the How to Get a Graduate Job course, and why he thinks you should too.


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