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I’m pleased to announce that my ‘How to Get a Graduate Job’ course is now LIVE! This step-by-step course is designed to take you by the hand and guide you through the tricky process of applying for and getting a graduate job. I’ve been working on it full time for the last 5 months, and it is packed chock full of everything that you need to do to get on a graduate scheme. In this episode I lift the lid on the course and show you exactly what you can expect from its 8 modules, containing 23 video tutorials, and over 14 hours of content. I go through those 8 modules in turn and also cover the exclusive bonuses worth over £300 that I’m giving away in the first week the course is on sale, and why you need to snap them up before the end of September. The only link to remember from the episode today is


  • Who the course is for, and who it is NOT for?
  • What is included in the course?
  • Why you need it if you are applying for a graduate scheme
  • The £300+ of bonuses that come with the course if you buy it in the first week
  • Why I’m so confident you will love it, that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
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