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A big hello to the 111th episode of the UK’s number 1 career podcast, and I’ve got a special episode for you this week, a fast-growing UK tech company with 3 brilliant graduate schemes on offer, I’m pleased to welcome to the show, Computacenter. In today’s show, we explore Computacenter in detail, looking at what exactly the company does and diving into the 3 graduate schemes that they offer across sales, project management and business management. We break down each of these schemes, looking at what each entails, the attributes and characteristics they look for and what you can expect at each stage of the application process. We cover why you shouldn’t worry too much about the initial online application, but why you do need to focus on the recorded video interview. We explore the face to face video stage and why you shouldn’t be surprised if there is a current graduate there who is also interviewing you. We go through what you can expect in the assessment centre, and why Computacenter is like no other graduate scheme, in that you can look forward to meeting the Managing Director at this stage. Now it doesn’t matter if you have never heard of Computacenter before, they are a company which are going places, and in this interview, I’m sure you will be impressed by the onus which their senior leaders put on finding and keeping graduate talent. As always, you can find a full transcript and links to everything we discuss, which you can find in the show notes, which today are at

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  • Computacenter and their 3 graduate schemes across sales, project management and business management
  • What Computacenter look for from candidates and how you can stand out in the application process
  • Why you shouldn’t worry too much about the initial CV stage
  • How to make an impact in the video interview
  • Why you shouldn’t be too surprised if there is a current graduate there in the interview stage
  • Secrets for performing well in the assessment centre, and why you can expect to meet the Managing Director


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