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A warm welcome to the 80th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast, and the first of 2019. And to kick off the new year do I have a cracker for you today. I have Elly Turnbull joining me on the show to discuss the brilliant summer internship opportunities which are available through the Change 100 scheme which is run by the Leonard Cheshire Trust, one of the UK's biggest disability charities. The scheme is targeted at giving talented disabled graduates the opportunities to kick-start their careers at some of the UK's biggest companies. Now not all listeners are going to be eligible for the scheme, but don’t stop listening, as you might be surprised at the wide range of disabilities and long-term health conditions that they are looking for, and as we discuss on the show, disability is such a personal thing and often people aren’t confident about disclosing them, so stay tuned. In the episode, we discuss all aspects of the Change 100 scheme, from what it is, the eligibility criteria, how many people they are taking on and how you apply. We delve into the application process in detail, looking at how to stand out in the online application, why you need to really know and think about the 7 competencies, and why you need to be using all of the 200 words at your disposal for each question. We explore what you can expect at a Change 100 assessment centre and why it really will be the nicest assessment centre you will ever attend. We discuss the measures they will put in place to make sure you feel comfortable on the day and how you can stand out and perform. No matter if you never heard of Change 100 or don’t consider yourself disabled, this is an episode you aren’t going to want to miss. As always, everything we discuss and a full transcript which you can download in handy PDF format can be found over at the show notes at

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  • What the Change 100 scheme is and how you can apply
  • The application criteria for applying to Change 100 and why it is broader than you might think
  • How to stand out from the crowd in your online application
  • The 7 competencies that you really need to understand and think about when you apply to Change 100
  • How the Change 100 assessment centre will be the friendliest and most accommodating assessment centre you will ever go to
  • Why Change 100 is about so much more than just a 3-month summer internship with a top graduate employer
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