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For episode 113 I have a special episode to coincide with National Apprenticeship week here in the UK. Now you might be thinking that you are too old for an apprenticeship, or that they aren’t relevant because you have a degree, and on both counts, you would wrong, as you will find out as we bust some apprenticeship myths. And to help me bust those myths back by popular demand we have a friend of the show and a company which is consistently voted one of the best places to work in the UK and is home to one of the most sought after graduate schemes, and apprenticeship schemes, it is of course Mars. Joining me first today I have Vikki who is the Apprentice Manager at Mars who gives us an overview of apprenticeships at Mars and what you can expect through the application process. Then for the second part of the episode, I speak with Holli who is currently an apprentice at Mars, and she shares insights into what it is actually like as an apprentice, the work she does, her experiences and going through the application journey. As I said, I’m sure this episode will explode some myths you might have about apprenticeships and will open your eyes to the opportunities which are out there. As always, you can find a full transcript and links to everything which we discuss in the show-notes, which today you can find at

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