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Hello and welcome to the 104th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast, the UK’s number 1 careers podcast. The days of popping your CV in the post to apply for a graduate job are long gong, which is why you need to make sure that your online application is absolutely top-notch. The industry average is that 75% of people fail at the online application stage! Let that sink in…75%. That is an awful lot of people who aren’t getting over the first hurdle in their application for a graduate job. And an awful lot of wasted time and energy. But today that is going to change, as we are going to go through 5 rules you need to follow to ensure that your online application for a graduate job isn’t wasted, and so that it gets you through to the next stage of the process. We cover why you need to pay particular attention to the job spec, and know exactly what each firm is looking for. We explore why your unique selling points are so crucial and how you can pick out what they might be. We delve into why tailoring your application is so important, and why you shouldn’t expect the online application process to be too easy. We finish by discussing why good spelling and grammar could be the difference between getting through to the next stage or getting your online application put in the proverbial bin. So sit back relax and have a listen safely in the knowledge that you can download a full transcript of the episode today over in the show notes at

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