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Hello and welcome to the 72nd episode of the Graduate Job Podcast, the UKs most popular careers and jobs podcast. The sun has been shining here in London, but it’s been no excuse for me not bringing you the brightest and the best job search advice. This week’s episode is an international one, as it came about from an email from Piers a listener in South Africa who wanted to know how could he change focus after a law degree and get a job as a coder, with no previous coding experience. My guest bringing his expert wisdom on the matter is Jason Swett from over in Michigan, USA, who is a developer, trainer, and the author of ‘Angular for Rails Developers’.

In this episode we delve into Piers question about getting your first job as a coder with no experience, exploring questions such as how do you get started, what programming language should you start learning, and what resources should you be looking at. We also explore how long it will take you before you are ready to start applying for a coding job, how to stand out in your applications and what you can expect throughout the interview process, and why you need to start applying for your first coding job before you think you’re ready. If you have ever thought about a career in programming and coding, then this is the episode for you.

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  • How to get a job as a coder and programmer without a degree
  • Learn the best coding language to use as a first time coder
  • Discover the top resources to use if you are starting out as a coder
  • Uncover why you need to start applying for your first coding job before you think you’re ready
  • Discover the key mistakes people make when applying for a graduate job in coding
  • What sets successful coders out from the crowd when applying for their first graduate job
  • How to ace a technical interview for your first job as a coder
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