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Hello and welcome to the 98th episode of the UK’s number 1 careers podcast. In today’s episode I answer a listener question from Jessie, who got in touch and asked me the following question. ‘I graduated 7 years ago but want to completely change the direction of my career. Am I too old to apply for a graduate job?’ A great question and one I will walk you through today. We will look at if there is indeed an age limit on graduate jobs, or if there is a time limit for how quickly you have to apply after university. We explore why work experience and skills are so key, and some of the key things you need to do to if you are thinking of transitioning careers. No matter where you are in your job search, still studying, or thinking of changing careers, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. As always you can find a full downloadable transcript and all the links from everything we discuss today at



  • Why age is no barrier to applying for a graduate job
  • Why graduate recruiters value the skills and experience that older graduates bring
  • Why thinking about your skills and experience is so crucial if you are pivoting your career
  • How to link your skills to the competencies and values of a graduate recruiter
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