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For the 124th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast, I speak with author and former investment analyst Dermot Dorgan on how to get a graduate job in the City. In this fun episode, Dermot shares his 10 commandments for exactly what you need to do to secure your dream graduate role in banking, finance, and accounting in the ultra-competitive City of London.  We explore why you should get a 2:1 or go home, why you shouldn’t expect to rely on your ability as you apply for graduate jobs in the City, and why you might want to think again if you are planning on doing a master’s degree. We also explore why all work experience is so important, and how being ‘human’ can become a key differentiator through the interview process. Having worked in the City himself, Dermot has been there, seen it and got the t-shirt, and his insight will help you no matter what type of company you are applying to. Now the links to the show notes today including a full transcript you can download and links to everything we discuss can be found at


  • Dermot’s 10 commandments for getting a graduate job in the City of London
  • Why it is so important to get a 2:1 degree
  • How preparation beat’s ability through the graduate application process
  • Why you might want to think again if you are planning on doing a master’s degree
  • The secret to making your work experience pack a punch
  • How being ‘human’ could be your key differentiator in a graduate job interview


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