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In this 68th episode of the Graduate Job Podcast I continue in my quest to bring you the best and most interesting graduate schemes out there. Last week, it was Charityworks, and this week it is one of the most well known companies in the country, you will use their services everyday, but probably might not have thought about them as a graduate employer, and you probably aren’t aware that they have 13 branches to their graduate scheme. Yes today I speak with John Hynard and Louisa Joseph from the excellent Royal Mail graduate scheme.

In this episode we explore the Royal Mail graduate scheme in detail, looking at what exactly it and their 13 different graduate opportunities that they have.  We delve into how you apply, the different stages of the application process, from initial application, through to the online tests they use, interviews and assessment centres. We cover what you need to do to impress at each stage and make sure you stand out from the crowd. We go into exactly what they are looking for from their grads, the roles and development opportunities they have on offer and how you will be pushing and challenging yourself from day 1. No matter what type of graduate job you are looking for, I’m sure you will be interested in one of the 13 graduate scheme opportunities which the Royal Mail has on offer. As always, all links to everything we discuss including a full transcript and John and Louisa’s top tips and book recommendations can be found over in the show notes at 


  • What the Royal Mail graduate scheme is and why you should apply
  • Top tips in how to stand out in your application for a graduate job with Royal Mail
  • What Royal Mail look for in their applicants
  • The secrets to impressing in a Royal Mail assessment centre
  • What to do to make your online application stand out from the crowd
  • Details of the 13 different graduate programmes that Royal Mail has
  • Why you will be challenging yourself from day one on the Royal Mail graduate scheme
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